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Deciding what is Right for You.

   All faced with Breast Cancer can be left feeling as if in a whirlwind of Emotion and Confusion. The weight of Treatments, Surgeries, Complications and UnImaginable Scars are enough to Break  even the Strongest Individual. It seems Everyone has advice and or recommendations for you and while their advice may have been Right for may Not be what is Right for You. 

   In most cases it is Best to take some time and try to think down the road, so to speak and Imagine once the Treatments and Surgeries are over, life has gone back to normal or as normal as it can. What will You feel good having decided? Some choose Not to get Implants, Reconstruction and or Nipple ReConstruction, some choose some or All of the Above. Some want to go back to as close as they can to what they had Previously and some look at it as an Opportunity for a Change in Appearance. Some choose to go without Nipple Reconstruction, 3D Nipple and Areola Tattoos and just live with the scars and some choose a Decorative Tattoo as opposed to a Nipple. Whatever the case may be, You...and Only You can decide what is Best for You.

   As Important as it is to get advice from others who have been through something similar and from Professionals so you have as much Knowledge on different scenarios as you can, it still remains Your Decision in the end, so make sure you take your time, (Never make this Decision under Pressure or Rushed) and decide what will make You feel Good with You again. I wish you the Absolute Best in your Decision and in Life!

Positive Changes

   I got the opportunity to sit down with a client recently, see the healed tattoo results, get some photos and discuss how she is doing currently. The photo below is of her Completely Healed Nipple tattoos.

   In short, when I first sat down to tattoo her, she was happy to be having the tattoos done but had a really negative self image that I noticed through things she kept saying about herself which I am sure is not all to do with her battle with cancer but also other issues with life. After listening to her repeatedly put herself down I commented that she Beat a horrible Disease and was here to talk about it and she should not be so hard on herself. At that time I didn't realize what an impact that just talking along with the successful tattoos would make in her life.

   She told me how excited she was now with the results of the tattoo that she just wanted to show everyone. She also told me that she didn't realize how negative her self image was until I pointed it out to her and being that we really didn't know each other that made her take a hard look at herself. Just in the short time since I originally tattooed her she has joined a gym, lost a little weight and is feeling much better about herself as a whole. She also takes notice not to speak down about herself and said that life is turning around and she is feeling great about her future. Now, this may not be the same in all cases but in this one, a few kind words, some Very well done tattoos and a little time made a positive change in many parts of her life. So, needless to say, I felt Amazing that I was able to help her both with the tattoos as well as just talking and listening to her. Such a Rewarding Experience!

   Ron Antonick

Comfort level,  just as Important as Quality

   Today we have all fallen victim to the "Instant Gratification" mentality set forth by society. It's Always nice to get what you want/need almost immediately when you decide something is for you but the Results that Most times come with Instant Gratification are usually less than pleasing. Fast and Cheap is what we are taught to base most of our purchasing decisions on and unfortunately that is the Worst way to approach this subject. The old saying "you get what you pay for" could not be anymore appropriate in this matter. 

    With that being said, do your research. Find someone who you feel is Qualified to do your tattoo as well as makes you feel comfortable with the Entire Process. There are many artists out there with a great deal of talent and may provide you with a decent outcome but if you are not comfortable with the Artist, Environment or anything it can still end a long journey on a terrible note. Ask questions, take your time, get referrals from others but don't just rely on a referral, trust your gut and most times this will give you a truly good experience as well as result. 

   A Great Tattoo as well as a Great Experience is the Goal to Strive for. You Deserve the Best so Don't settle for Less!

   Ron Antonick

Pigment of Preference

   I Strictly use Fusion Tattoo and Eternal Pigments for All of my Tattoos. I use these particular pigments for many reasons, but the Biggest reason is that they are Completely Organic, Completely Vegan Friendly and not packed with fillers and or Unwanted Chemicals as well as the Color Pallette is Endless and it holds up Great over the years. These Pigments are used by most of the Top Artists in the industry for the same reasons. It was All produced by Adam Everett who has been a Trusted name in Tattoo Pigments for decades. Also, Fusion has a higher Pigment Load than most others on the market which results in deeper and brighter colors that stand the test of time, not fading out in a year or 2 (if properly cared for of course) like many others. Fusion and Eternal are also the Only Tattoo Pigments on the market currently that I trust myself to be used when I am tattooed.

   Ron Antonick

The new You ...Life after Breast cancer.

   While I have not been dealing with this for a long period of time as of yet I just wanted to share a bit of what I have seen in the women I have dealt with. So, as I said, this is just what I have seen thus far on a Small scale and may not be considered the norm.

   I never thought when getting involved with this that it would mean dealing with so much raw emotion and pull at my heart the way it has. It usually starts with an email or a call and then normally a consultation is set up. I try to give these women time to get comfortable with me and the process as well as sharing their story or whatever part of it they may be comfortable with. In doing this I get a small glimpse into what their life was prior to cancer, the stress, torment and pain they go through during the treatments and surgeries and finally how this has changed them both inside and out.

   I see that though this is a terrible and terrifying experience to have to go through that in the women I have met seem to come out of this Stronger and with a new outlook on life. They seem to have a new desire to try things, live life on their terms and are not so afraid of change or new things anymore. Just listening and seeing this gave me Inspiration to keep pushing ahead when it's always easier to just let the current take you where it will. The stories made me think of what a baby I have been in the past, feeling sorry for myself over trivial problems. The old saying is very true...It could Always be Worse! 

   Now not to say these people are not permanently scarred both mentally and physically but they don't let that beat them. They choose to take hold of the reigns and go after whatever it is that they want. And finally, to be a part of the "Healing Process" by restoring, even a small amount of self confidence by giving them New, realistic and Dimensional Nipple/Areola tattoos makes me feel Great. 

   In closing, I wanted to say that I hear people talk about how horrible the scars may be, the loss of part of their Identity but in my humble opinion, I say that these women seem to have come though this journey More Beautiful than ever with a new vision of a Happy life. I know this may not Always be the case, but it can If you Choose to turn a negative into a positive. It's all in the Attitude. Thanks for reading and please share with anyone you think may appreciate it.

    -Ron Antonick

     Breast ReNew

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