I am a breast cancer survivor. Diagnosed at age 31, I had a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction. My cosmetic outcome was great, but I definitely missed having nipples. I put off nipple reconstruction for over a year because I didn't want another surgery, follow-ups, risk, etc. I just waited and prayed that it would be made clear to me. And then one day I knew that 3D tattooing was exactly what I should do. I searched the Internet and found Ron's website, Breast Renewal. I was able to see photos of his work and scheduling an appointment was easy. I had a great experience. He was on time, his shop was private and felt less like a tattoo shop and more like a tattoo studio. It didn't feel like a hospital at all and that I wanted to avoid! He took plenty of time making sure that I knew what to expect and getting my input. The process was somewhat simple on my end and didn't take too long. I couldn't be more pleased with the results. I didn't even imagine the results would be this great. I feel like a new person. I'm thankful that tattoo artists like Ron would take the time to learn this.

  I am a 2 time breast cancer survivor and was first diagnosed at age 31. I have a long story but do not feel it is necassary to share for this, but I don't know any of my family history so I was left to figure it out on my own and unfortunately through being diagnosed. 

  I have lived a fairly healthy lifestyle, avoiding drugs altogether, drinking the very occasional glass of wine and have always been pretty active, never being more than 5-10 pounds overweight but none the less cancer found its way to my life. I made sure to Strictly follow All of my doctors advice on treatments and surgery and after about 14 months I was told I was clear of cancer for now. Unfortunately that did not last even an entire year before it came back in my left breast with a vengeance and I began the process again. I once again followed all advice of my doctors, surgeons etc even though most of the time I was treated more like a Paycheck than a Person. If I had any questions or concerns, being that this is my 2nd go around in 2 years, I got a response like I was annoying them or wasting their time. I felt alone and scared but pressed forward regardless and made my way to the other side of this disease once again.

  Now, Almost 5 years past and left with somewhat reconstructed breasts, lots of Ugly scars, No Nipples and Mental Scars that mostly Consume my daily life. I thought with time this would ease or fade away but it has not, at least not in my case. I avoid looking at myself most times as all I see are Deformed and Mishapen breasts. I find myself single and though I get lonely like anyone else, I cannot stand the thought of having to show myself to another and face the look of disappointment or pity they show when I have. With all of that said, I have a close friend who is Always a Positive influence, even when it drives me insane and she told me about Ron and the things he was doing to help others in my position. I didn't think much about it and just shrugged it off until she showed me some of his before and after photos. I had seen plenty of nipple reconstruction and terrible "nipple tattoos", if you can even call them that, done by others in this field and was sadly Un-Impressed. This was the first time I had seen any that I felt looked realistic or somewhat natural, but still, my brain told me they were probably fake or would not turn out that well if I had them done. 

  After a few weeks of finding myself looking back at the photos repeatedly I decided to call and see what kind of info I could get, kind of feel him out and possibly set up a consultation. By the end of what turned into a 20 or 30 minute conversation with Ron, I not only felt he was more empathetic and caring than Any of the Doctors and Surgeons I had dealt with but he seemed to have a real grasp on the way I was feeling about myself. He really set me at ease about the whole process and gave me detailed answers to all of my questions without making me feel like a bother. I thought "wow, he just spent a half hour on the phone with me, without any payment or promise of payment and in the process somehow left me feeling slightly better about myself and the possibilities of getting to a point where I can be "Comfortable" in my own skin again. I was especially Impressed when I told him of my uncertainty that he went on to tell me that it does not matter what my significant other may want, my friends or family or even the medical industry, as Long as I was comfortable with my decision and results, whether that be doing Nothing, getting a decorative tattoo to camoflauge the scars or 3D nipple tattoos. I thanked him for taking all the time with me on the phone and told him I would let him know when I decided what I wanted to do. 

  I ended up calling him back, I think 3 days later and setting an appointment to go forward with the 3D nipple tattoos and told him it was mainly because I felt he really understood what I wanted and cared that I would be happy with my results. I waited the 3 weeks til my appointment and went in with my friend for morale support. Ron greeted us and spent about 20 minutes with us, making me comfortable before starting the process. He offered us refreshments and we sat and talked while drinking coffee. I finally said I was ready and wanted to do it while I had the nerve. The whole thing probably only took a little over an hour and I felt a bit of pressure and in one spot a slight pinching sensation but nothing even close to what I would consider pain. So, he tells me we are done and directs me toward a large wall mirror with a smile on his face. I nervously head to the mirror and when I see what he has done I immediately start crying. I saw what looked like natural and perky nipples! I was Incredibly Happy with the Results! I could not believe what a difference it made, even though my scars remained, I did not notice them early as much now that I had these Beautiful Nipples, which I must say are even prettier than what I had before. I must say that it really has made a difference for me in the way i view myself and feel even on the inside now about myself. My friend said she can't believe how much nicer I am to be around now and I feel the same. I cannot say enough about Ron and his Talent and Caring. If you are considering having this done, this is the Only place to go!

   Thank You sooo much Ron, I will be forever grateful!

-Sondra K.

At the age of 35, not even 7 months after I had my second child I found a lump in my breast. I was laying in bed, woke up and started doing an exam. To this day I do not  know why. Yeah, I normally don't wake up and feel my breasts. The most amazing thing about this was the lump was very close to my chest wall. Easy to find laying down but much harder when standing.

Working as a radiation therapist I have plenty of knowlwdge of cancer in general. I knew in my heart it was cancer even though I was told that most cases in my age were not. Found out I had stage 2B triple negative. Two weeks later I started a 5 month journey of chemo. Did very well, even continued to work.

Decided on my own to remove both of my breasts against what the doctors suggested. My plastic surgeon was amazing. I opted for the latissimus muscles moved from my back up front to create a more natural looking breast. That was extremely important to me. After, I had nipples created and then received my tattoos. At the time it was great just to have something. But at 5 years later I found myself more and more disappointed as I looked  in the mirror. I was not comfortable being with my boyfriend with my shirt off. As good as they looked something was still missing.

That's when I found Breast Renew on Facebook. From the very first picture I was blown away at the difference and called. It turned out to be the best phone call I have made. Seeing the results on a prior client was mind blowing. Since I have had the tattooing I finally feel complete. I had put on a white dress and could actually see my nipples and areola! It was a great issue to fix! My previous tattoos were too pink and not very noticeable. Ron is a man who has the talent to change women's lives. Besides his talent he goes out of his way to talk to you and make you feel 100% comfortable. I recommend him over any plastic surgeon or tattoo artist. Please don't have fears about the tattoo shop or how he will be. He is 100% professional and very clean!

   - Anonymous

I was diagnosed in February 2009 with Stage O Breast Cancer. The doctor told me we had to do something soon or it would grow Very Quickly. With my family history of Breast Cancer we decided to do a Bilateral Mastectomy. After talking it over with my doctor and husband he sent me to Dr. Michael Binder, a plastic and reconstruction surgeon. I went with a Tram Flap Reconstruction. The breasts healed beautifully, but 5 years and about 20 surgeries for the donor site to heal completely. It was no fault of Dr. Binder. I never realized how much it Affected me emotionally and mentally Not having Nipples. I Always felt something was missing. Then I met Ron, what a Wonderful Man!He selflessy donated his Time and Talent to make me feel like I have not felt in years. I truly feel like Me again! Ron does more than help the Body, he helps Heal the Soul. Sometimes you don't realize the weight of what you've been carrying until you Release it. Thank you...just doesn't seem enough for the way I Feel now! 


   In August 2011 at the age of 31 I had a bilateral mastectomy as treatment for a diagnosis of breast cancer. The next 9 months involved the grueling process of breast reconstruction. Since I lost both nipples to the mastectomy my plastic surgeon used a skin graft taken from my abdomen to recreate the shape. The only step left was to tattoo color to the nipples and as soon as my grafts were well healed I could have that done.


   Instead of completing this process in the summer of 2012 as planned I was diagnosed with a second primary cancer. this time it was Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia which is highly aggressive and immediately life threatening blood cancer. My life, my job and my plans were all put on hold as I moved into the OSU James Cancer Center to beginthe several months in total that I spent inpatient for intense chemotherapy treatment. My body was not able to handle the chemo. My heart, lungs and brain became unable to function properly. After just 7 months of the prescribed 2.5 years of chemo it was decided thta I would need to have a bone marrow transplant for a chance at a cure. The complications I had suffered so far were too dangerous. In January 2013 I was once again checked into the hospital for a several week stay and I received a gift of bone marrow cells from an anonymous donor. This was far from the end of the story but now I can see that it was the beginning of the end. Another year and many complications and hospital stays later I was still cancer free and getting stronger and even thinking about the future. One of the first things on my mind was finishing the breast reconstuction with tattoos. Completing that process was essential for my healing and becoming whole again. I was given approval by my oncologist and I went back to the platic surgeons office.


   While my plastic surgeon is amazing at creating breasts from nothing it turns out that his office is not the best at tattoos. I ended up with a flat color that was all wrong for me and hard edges that looked more like nipple stickers than a part of real breast tissue. I found Ron with a desperate Google search for a person within driving distance who would be willing and have the talent to make me look a little more like the me I remembered. After consulting via email and looking at sketches I drove with my family from Columbus to Wickliffe for my long awaited appointment. Ron welcomed us into his clean and well organized shop. He took time to get to know me and make sure I was comfortable before we began. Due to the desensitization and scar tissue I felt no pain as he proceeded with his art. He surpassed my expectations by correcting the first tattoos, creating dimension with shadowing and adding distinctions that closer resemble human features. With his ink he gave life to my flesh.


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