Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to  3D Nipple Tattoos

Q: How long do I have to wait after surgery to have this done?

A: We require a Minimum of 6 months after your Final surgery (including Nipple Reconstruction) Unless otherwise Approved by your Doctor.


Q: How long will this take and how many visits will I need?

A: This process can be done in one sitting and normally takes 20-30 minutes per side, however Individual times may vary slightly and plan on an Overall visit time of  90 minutes to 2 hours. Sometimes a follow up visit is necessary to ensure proper pigment saturation and if this is necessary it normally takes less than 10 minutes per side.


Q: How long will it take to heal?

A: Normally healing takes 7-10 days depending on the individual.You will have some Minimal flaking and or scabbing that will flake off as the tattoo heals.


Q: Do you use sterile equipment? 

A: Yes, All equipment used is Sterile and disposable. It is All opened In Front of you, Disposed of In Front of you and the pigments used are All organic and Vegan Friendly.


Q: Is this done in a Private setting?

A: Yes, this is a Private Studio and has Private rooms for tattooing. You can bring friends or family with you but we ask that only 1 person at a time is present in the room while being tattooed.


Q: Can I use my medical insurance to pay for this?

A: No, unfortunately we can Not bill insurance so you will need to pay Cash or by Credit Card (no checks). We do provide you with all the information needed to request reimbursement from your Insurance provider and you can always contact them ahead of time to find out if you will be reimbursed. We do not guarantee reimbursement and reccomend that you call your provider first.


Q: Does it Hurt?

A: Normally there is Very little if any pain with this process but Individuals will All experience varying degrees of sensation depending on your surgical results.


Q: If I have had nipple Reconstruction can I still get tattooed?

A: Yes, you can still be tattooed and the reconstructed nipple can also be tattooed. However, it will be more likely that you may need a follow up visit since sometimes the reconstructed nipple may need a second pass to ensure complete pigment saturation. The follow up visit is Included in your initial cost as long as its done within 3 months of the initial tattoo.


Q: Do you do Unilateral nipple tattoos as well? 

A: Yes, we do both Unilateral and Bilateral Nipple Tattoos. Only difference is performing a Unilateral may take a bit longer do to trying to match the pigment to your other existing nipple.


Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located in Mentor, Ohio, a suburb about 15 minutes East of Cleveland.


Q: What is the Cost?

A: The cost for a Unilateral is $350 and a Bilateral is $600. 


Q: Do you require a Deposit?

A: No deposit is required but payment in Full must be made at the time of your appointment in either cash or credit card, no checks, sorry.



Q: What do I need to bring with me at the time of the appointment? 

A: You can bring Anything that will help keep you comfortable during the process like your own pillow, music or whatever you find necessary. We do have Free Bottled water for Clients but if you prefer something else you may need to bring it with you. Other than that you should not need anything specific.


Q: Do I need to do anything to prepare for my appointment?

A: A good nights sleep and a meal an hour or so prior to your appointment is a good idea but nothing is required.


Q: How long does it normally take to get an appointment?

A: As of now, wait times to get in range from 2-4 weeks depending on availability.



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